About Us

Printolution is a small business in Washington state with big worldwide connections. You can see our products on shelves of your local stores, online, social media and even world boxing championships. We are proud in every single project we do and we are willing to go the extra mile to meet your requirements and provide you with excellent quality and customer service.

Our Story

CEO and founder Sergey Kuyan started Printolution in 2008 printing a local Seattle newspaper. In its humble beginnings it was also utilized to print multiple magazines, publish several books and numerous calendars. As time went on the availability and legality in the cannabis industry changed, opening a way for Printolution to take part in something very near and dear to our hearts.

In 2014 Printolution opened a packaging department and signed contracts with silicone and glass manufacturers that set the company on its way to being among the leading wholesale solutions to custom cannabis packaging and allowing us a firm foothold in the quickly growing cannabis industry. 4 years later and with multiple repeat customers Printolution has had the time and experience to grow from its grass root beginnings to a competitive and innovative company changing the way customers and processors view packaging.