Custom Printed Mylar bags

From Idea to Finished Product!

A fully printed bag will save you money, time, and instantly show customers a level of commitment to your product. It is a very powerful marketing tool that will set you apart on the shelf and allow you a small space to communicate about your product to your customer before they even have the chance to try it.
Not only do we offer custom printing on virtually any size bag at lower prices, but we impart the chance to design and create new shapes and styles to surpass your requirements and vision for your packaging. Material is based on the performance characteristics that are important to you.

How it works?

Step 1: Press this button  Request a quote or call us (206.575.5555) to request a quote.
Step 2: Design. Send us the image files (PDF, AI, EPS, etc.) of your design or let us make one for you.
Step 3: Production. Sit back and relax.
Step 4: Shipping. For small orders (under 50k pcs) we use expedited shipping (3-5 days), for larger quantities it will be sea freight (24-30 days).
Option: If you need bags faster, after production we can always ship part of your order expedited and the rest via sea freight.